RockYou in the News: $23 Million in Funding Raised, comScore’s Top 10 List of Online Video Properties Reached

Hello everyone — 2015 has been incredibly busy for us, so we wanted to take a chance to reflect on some recent milestones at RockYou:

  • As you may have read on VentureBeat earlier this month, we raised $23 million in funding from Columbia Capital, which we’ll use to expand our mobile catalog and continue growing our audience. We’re proud to enter our next stage of growth with such a great venture partner at our side.
  • Related to that, as comScore announced last week, RockYou is now among the top 10 US online video ad properties (as of February 2015), with a total population reach of over 25%. (Screencap above.)  We’re very grateful to our partners, our entire staff, and of course, our awesome  players, for helping make this possible.

Stay tuned, because we have much more news to announce soon!

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