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Earn money sharing the things you love online. RockYou provides revenue-generating content for the world’s most engaged communities.

Who We Are

Why Us

Because RockYou operates one of the top ad networks in the country and has direct relationships with ad buyers, our payouts are the best in the market.

  • Easy to use product/platform – receive email, click to post, make money!

  • Market leading payouts, with daily tracking so you know what you are making

  • The highest quality content delivered daily, including top trending stories and back catalogue of thousands of evergreen links

  • Give your brand a voice, sharing links that align with your brand/interests

  • Increase your audience engagement and make your page more valuable

What We Provide

We make it easy for you to get trending news and lifestyle content in your inbox that is targeted to the interests of your friends and followers.

How it Works

1 – We send you articles that are relevant to you and your followers.

 2 – You post them to your social pages. When your fans click, you make money.

3 – We send you a check at the end of each month for the revenue you generated.

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