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Unfortunately, this application will no longer be supported after 3/31/2012. After this time, you will no longer have access to your slideshows.

We would like our customers to have a chance to retrieve their slideshow images. To do so, please send an email to info@rockyou.com. Please specify the email account you used to create your slideshow account or the URL links to your slideshows.

RockYou sincerely appreciates your loyalty over the years.

RockYou Takes the Widget Lead on Alexa and Facebook

San Mateo, Calif. - December 2, 2007 – RockYou, the leading developer and publisher of widgets and applications on the web, today announced further momentum and growth on both Alexa and Facebook placing them ahead of other developers like Slide.com. RockYou achieved a top Alexa reach of 0.49% up 112% in the last 3 months. RockYou's Super Wall became the top application on the Facebook platform with over 3 million daily active users.

"Although widget numbers vary from day to day this marks a significant milestone for RockYou," said Lance Tokuda, CEO and co-founder of RockYou. "Achieving this metric and growth recaptures the momentum we created when RockYou first introduced customizable widgets to the web two years ago. Our commitment to users and our drive to further develop engaging applications has led to RockYou's leadership in a very competitive space."

Key RockYou metrics:

  • RockYou leads Slide on Alexa reach (see attached graph)
  • RockYou established the leading Ad Network on Facebook, offering a full service distribution platform and monetization strategy for brand advertisers and applications developers
  • RockYou holds the #1 app on Facebook (Super Wall)
  • RockYou leads all other application developers, including Slide in:
    • Wall: Super Wall vs. FunWall
    • Messaging: X Me vs. SuperPoke
    • Quizzes: Likeness vs. My Questions
  • RockYou holds onto the #1 position on Facebook slideshows with over 5x the engagement versus its nearest competition: 42,294 to 7,315

About RockYou
RockYou is a leading developer and publisher of widgets and applications on the web. RockYou widgets include photo slideshows, glitter text, voicemail accessories and custom Facebook applications that are simple to use and enable people to frequently personalize their online style and engage with their friends. Founded in 2006, RockYou has over 38 million users, serving over 180 million widget views per day in more than 200 countries. RockYou applications easily integrate across all social networks including, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, Tagged and hi5. RockYou's results-focused advertising platform is the largest Ad Network on Facebook and the most dynamic method for rapidly acquiring Facebook application users. New applications can reach over 100k users in 24 hours, spanning a suite of applications across multiple publishing partners. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, RockYou is funded by Sequoia Capital, Partech International and Lightspeed Venture Partners. For more information, please visit http://rockyou.com/corp/about.php.