We’re thrilled to share that as of this week, the transition of Gardens of Time, Words of Wonder and City Girl from their former publisher is officially complete. RockYou now has ownership over customer support for all three games, which we added to our Support Forums a few days ago.

During the transition period over the last few months, in great part to protect the privacy of these games’ many players, we we’re unable to directly respond to support requests. We are very sorry for this necessary delay in our response, and the support you deserve. But we can now make this promise:

Now that RockYou fully operates Gardens of Time, Words of Wonder and City Girl, players of these games will receive full support from RockYou.

To start, here are key resources for receiving help from RockYou:

  1. Visit our forums. There, you’ll find lots of conversations among other players. There’s a good chance any question you have is addressed here.

  2. Read the game FAQs: Gardens of Time FAQ, Words of Wonder FAQ, City Girl FAQ.

  3. If you don’t find what you need anywhere else, contact support. On the support page we’ll ask you to file a ticket, which will then be routed to our staff for response.

To ensure all questions are routed appropriately and in the most timely manner, we ask that you do not post support questions on the RockYou blog.

Due to the sheer quantity of requests we’ve received, it may take some days or weeks to respond to everyone. We expect all of these to be answered before the end of this month. Fortunately, most of these requests are already being addressed now—please read on:

Answers to Your Most Common Support Issues

A lot of the questions we’ve received center on a few issues. So you don’t have to wait for a response from us, we’d like to address them directly here:

  1. On Words of Wonder on mobile, why can’t I log in and sync with Facebook?
    This issue was resolved a few days ago. So, if it’s been a while since you opened the game, please give it another whirl!
  2. I’m having trouble loading Gardens of Time and get stuck on the screen. What gives?
    This is a known issue and our engineers are actively working to resolve this as soon as possible.
  3. Why did I lose my game data in Gardens of Time? Will it come back?
    This is an error that occurred during the course of the data migration process. We are are working around the clock to restore your hard-earned game progress.

Thank you again for playing these great games, and your patience in the coming weeks as we respond to your questions. We are here to help. Keep ‘em coming!

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