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RockYou ​​Hires ​​Powerful ​​Team ​​of ​​Women ​​Executives ​​to Drive ​​its ​​Digital ​​Media ​​Expansion

The ​​new ​​team ​​comprised ​​of ​​Sherry ​​Herman, ​​former ​​PlayPhone, ​​Dera ​​Campbell, ​​former RadiumOne, ​​and ​​Emily ​​Smith, ​​former ​​Brit ​​+ ​​Co, ​​are ​​tasked ​​with ​​continuing ​​RockYou's ​​growth and ​​expansion ​​beyond ​​its ​​traditional ​​gaming ​​assets SAN ​​FRANCISCO, ​​CA--(Marketwired - October 26, 2017) - RockYou​, ​​a ​​leading ​​interactive ​​media ​​company, today ​​announced ​​the ​​hiring ​​of ​​three ​​new ​​women ​​executives. ​​Sherry ​​Herman ​​has ​​been ​​hired ​​as Senior ​​Vice ​​President ​​of ​​Sales, ​​Dera ​​Campbell ​​joins ​​as ​​Senior ​​Vice ​​President ​​of ​​Ad ​​Strategy and ​​Operations, ​​and ​​Emily ​​Smith ​​as ​​Senior ​​Vice ​​President ​​and ​​General ​​Manager ​​of ​​Media. ​​With these ​​additions, ​​RockYou ​​is ​​now ​​one ​​of ​​the ​​few ​​digital ​​media ​​companies ​​led ​​by ​​a ​​majority female ​​executive ​​team. Sherry ​​will ​​be ​​leading ​​RockYou's ​​sales ​​operation, ​​Dera ​​will ​​be ​​focused ​​on ​​scaling ​​RockYou's programmatic ​​and ​​direct ​​advertising ​​strategy ​​and ​​execution ​​across ​​RockYou's ​​Owned ​​& Operated ​​games, ​​media ​​and ​​ad ​​platform, ​​and ​​Emily ​​will ​​be ​​spearheading ​​RockYou's ​​growth strategy [...]

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War of Nations moves to RockYou

Greetings Commanders! We are excited to announce that RockYou has acquired War of Nations from GREE. All the events you love and Customer Support services will continue to run without any changes. RockYou’s strong game Developers, Project Managers, Producers, Designers, Artists, Community Managers and Support staff are all excited about the new addition to the family. We are working around the clock to not only ensure a smooth transition, but also to add new fun and engaging features, as well as better community collaboration. We look forward to building your military empire! Thank you for playing War of Nations!

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Bakery Blitz Released Worldwide!

RockYou is proud to announce the release of our latest game - fresh out of the oven - BAKERY BLITZ! From the gourmet minds of Kitchen Scramble comes the tale of a young confectioner and her magical quest to 'bake' the world by storm! Our team is bursting with pride at our latest endeavor and we hope you enjoy playing BAKERY BLITZ - now available on Facebook and in the Apple and Google store!

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RockYou Acquires MavenHut’s Cross-Platform Hits Solitaire Arena & Solitaire 3 Arena

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (Marketwired - Jul 20, 2015) - RockYou, a leading interactive media company, today announced it had acquired Solitaire Arena and Solitaire 3 Arena, hit cross-platform games for iOS, Android, and Facebook, from MavenHut, a top social game developer whose titles have quickly become favorites on all three platforms. The acquisition is expected to grow RockYou's daily active user base by over 2 million players. "We're very pleased to welcome Solitaire Arena's dedicated fans to RockYou's community," said RockYou CEO Lisa Marino. "These are more classic titles that we can enable to live on and engage our users with for years to come, while we continue expanding our mobile reach and provide entertaining content that consumers love." RockYou's purchase of Solitaire Arena and Solitaire 3 Arena immediately follows its May acquisition of mobile ad network Playhaven, which serves ads in over 18,000 games, and this month's appointment [...]

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