Hello everyone—along with welcoming Bingo Blingo to the RockYou family, we’re also proud to announce that we raised $10 million in funding from FastPay. As VentureBeat reported the news last month:

RockYou, a cross-platform game publisher that is focusing on building premium in-game video ad products, revealed today that it has secured a $10 million financing deal. FastPay, a lender that specializes in digital media, provided the capital. While RockYou was once a social-game developer, the company has shifted to building a network of players to serve ads to by acquiring aging social and mobile games from others. The company plans to use its new funds to pay for further acquisitions in an effort to bolster its appeal with marketers…

“We’ve worked with RockYou over the last year on the financing of several strategic game acquisitions,” FastPay CEO Jed Simon said. “The growth potential for in-game advertising is enormous. RockYou’s growing video ad inventory puts it in a very unique position in the market and one that’s proving to be very attractive for large brands.”

The news was also covered on Gamasutra and on AdExchanger.


More recently, our CEO Lisa Marino was interviewed in the Wall Street Journal, for an article appropriately entitled, “Are Mobile Games The Next Great Ad Medium?

[G]aming industry veterans note that the vast majority of mobile game players decline to spend any money in these games, meaning that most games make money from a small percentage of their audiences. “You have to figure out how to monetize the other 90% of your audience,” says Lisa Marino, CEO of the mobile gaming company RockYou.

We believe we have new and better ways of reaching that 90%. Like I said, we’ve been busy, and you’re going to see many more announcements from us very soon—check back later, or follow us on Twitter for updates!

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