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RockYou India

RockYou is one of the leading media and social gaming publishers across platforms, including Facebook, iOS and AndroidStarted in 2005, RockYou is headquartered in San Francisco with studios in Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, Bangkok and Bengaluru.

In fact, Bengaluru is RockYou’s first international game studio, which started in January 2014. It is headed by Dayanidhi MG – General Manager & VP, India.

While inventing the wheel was a sheer stroke of brilliance, improving on it to come up with better, improved designs required no less creativity, engineering and talent. Wondering what the invention of the wheel has got to do with RockYou?

Well, RockYou runs the world’s largest in-game video ad platform for premium brands, connecting them to 75 million+ users.

It strategically acquires games that have a strong user base, enhances user experience with fresh content & features, and incorporates in-game ads from its own inventory. This way, RockYou keeps the games running for a longer duration by engaging the millions of loyal players.

Thanks to all the seasoned designers, product developers, community managers and operations team RockYou has on board, it makes for a seamless changeover.



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