RockYou Media Unveils Vocally, a New Lifestyle and Entertainment Destination for and by Millennial Women

//RockYou Media Unveils Vocally, a New Lifestyle and Entertainment Destination for and by Millennial Women

RockYou Media Unveils Vocally, a New Lifestyle and Entertainment Destination for and by Millennial Women

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RockYou Media, a leading interactive media company, today announced the unveiling of Vocally, a brand new digital property geared towards multicultural millennial women. Built as a safe space to showcase unique perspectives, Vocally will be a multiplatform vehicle for original stories, art, illustrations, editorial, and video. This announcement comes on the heels of RockYou Media’s recent hiring of three incredibly capable women, making it one of the few digital media companies led by a majority female executive team.


So stoked to launch @livevocally! Our first media site for multicultural millennial women!

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RockYou Media already reaches roughly 75 million monthly users, including one third of all online millennial women, Hispanics, and African-Americans via its vast publisher base. The launching of Vocally continues the company’s expansion into its target multicultural millennial user base by introducing unique formats of content via new website properties and digital assets.

Vocally is the first property launched from RockYou Media’s proprietary platform, RockYou Media Engine (RYME). The RYME technology ties together scaled content management, the RockYou ad exchange and our audience acquisition engine all via analytics and machine learning – core principles RockYou Media developed from its prior gaming and media roots.

“Vocally is launching at such a critical time for young women and minorities amid a world of change and empowerment in ways I could only imagine beginning my career 25 years ago,” said longtime RockYou CEO, Lisa Marino. “It’s also a defining achievement for RockYou as a company both as a stand alone digital property giving voice to women who haven’t always had one, but also because it is the first non-game proof point in a business model we have spent the last three years developing and scaling. I’m confident we can leverage our massive audience to grow Vocally, along with other planned media properties targeting America’s most diverse generation.”

“We’ve been so ready to showcase RockYou Media’s newest property with the public,” said Rachel Gariepy, lead editor of Vocally. “From the women’s march to Black Lives Matter to #metoo, this past year has given rise to the urgency of making women’s voices heard. Vocally’s platform is created for these unfiltered discussions, deeply personal reveals, and eccentric anecdotes told through fresh perspectives.”

Introducing Vocally

Vocally is the destination for diverse women who want our real voices echoed in every aspect of our lives — from style to social justice, from relationships to wellness, from beauty to personal perspectives, Vocally is upfront, unpolished, and always authentic.

What Are We All About?

Our mission is to create an open and diverse community that encourages different people to come together to share their personal stories. Whether those personal stories are about issues of race, identity, social justice or a crazy eyebrow trend, we’re here for it.

Why Did We Start This?

We’re living with some heavy issues in today’s social and political climate and here at Vocally, we are trying to have more conversations with neighbors whose opinions and experiences may differ from our own. We also welcome internet nonsense with open arms because sometimes, you just need to take a timeout from life and watch hairstyling tutorials gone wrong. Ultimately, we want to share stories that may seem crazy to some, relatable to others and aim to unite, entertain and educate.

How People Can Get Involved:

If you have a story to share, we’re excited to hear you tell it. Vocally features both dedicated writers and submissions from readers.

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